It was built on the south east corner of the Island of Pharaohs .

Who built it?

It was constructed through the reign of PtolemyI and was completed during the reign of PtolemyII.

Why was it built?

The Lighthouse was used, as sun by day and fire by night, to make sure that sailors could safely navigate the dangerous waters.


On one of the facades of the first floor there was a great text its letters were made of lead. It reads Sostratos of Cnidos son of Dexiphanes built it for saviour gods.

While the second floor was octagonal in shape with height of 30 m, the third floor is round in shape with height of 15m.The last floor consists of 8 columns and a dome with total height of 23m. Between the columns, there was a lantern which reflected the lights into the sea. There was a primitive lift between the first and the fourth floor and it was used also for carrying the fuel material.The Lighthouse of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the World when it was the tallest structure in the world until the Eiffel Tower was erected in 1889.The scholars said that construction of the lighthouse was necessary. For sailors, it ensured a safe return to the Great Harbor. For architects, it meant even more, it was the tallest building on Earth. And for scientists, it was the mysterious mirror that fascinated them most.
Finally it should be mentioned that the light house stood until 1323 AD, when a powerful earthquake destroyed it. Then came Sultan Qayetbay and fortified the place as a part of his coastal defenses and built on its site his castle.