Khan el-Khalili is a major souk in the Islamic district of Cairo. The bazaar district is one of Cairo’s main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike.
Address: El-Gamaleya, Qism El-Gamaleya, Cairo Governorate
In the heart of Cairo, Egypt lies a historical gem of a retail place that is like no mall you have ever seen. The Khan El Khalili-bazaar, known simply as the Khan, is a centuries-old marketplace brimming with items available for purchase. From groceries to more exotic goods, this center of trade offers a variety of goods to meet any need or want. The Khan holds a good deal of rich history, having begun as a caravansary in the 14th century, offering lodging to those traveling on camel. Vigorous trading in the Khan made Cairo a prosperous city. Today one can purchase food, home decor items, jewelry, gold, silver, and fabric. Bring your wallet, your curiosity, and be prepared to bargain for the items of your desire.